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ASSOC (SUPPLIER) MEMBER ** LNK International, Inc.
LNK International, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
22 Arkay Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Tel.: 631.435.3500
Fax: 631.435.3542

Sandy Vandergriendt,

Doug Bausch Vice President Sales & Marketing Greater New York City Area
Matthew Schaffer Marketing
Pankaj Chudgar COO at LNK Intl Inc
Gina Roebke Executive Assistant / President / LNK International Inc.
Earl Cassell Vice President of Sales at LNK International, Inc. Greater New York City

not dm - Joseph (JOE) Mollica -- Executive Vice President - REFERRED ME TO SANDY

LNK International, Inc. produces private brand, solid-dose OTC pharmaceuticals in the analgesic, cough/cold/allergy/sinus and gastro-intestinal categories. LNK offers over 100 national brand equivalent formulas and in addition, develops, manufactures and packages proprietary formulas tailored to a customers specific need.

All of LNKs products are manufactured, packaged and tested with strict adherence to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

All aspects of our production process are documented and validated. All LNK procedures, methodologies and products have been audited and reviewed by third party and independent labs.