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A premiere warmth brand. Our innovative product design team invented a whole new type of thermal sock and introduced it to the world in 2008. Designed from the ground up to be the WARMEST THERMAL SOCK in the world!

The motivation behind this invention stemmed from frustration. Retailers kept asking for cheaper prices on the thermal socks, it got to a point where the socks being sold as ‘thermal’ were anything but.

Our product development team went on a mission to develop the warmest socks ever. After six months of trial and error, they settled on a Japanese designed cashmere like acrylic yarn. Knitting machines were taken apart and rebuilt to manufacture the longest loop ever knitted on a sock machine and they got a UK patent for this innovation. We then added our secret brushing process and....

Heat Holders was born.

Shoppers around the world responded with spending their hard-earned money on Heat Holders®. They started asking us for gloves and hats and tights and leggings, and our team delivered. Each time they looked at these new product categories, they based their development on the needs of the people and engineered true warmth into each product.

Making Life Warmer is the brand’s mission.