General Merchandise //

Apparel - Private Label
Appliances - Private Label
As Seen on TV
As Seen on TV - Private Label
Audio / Video (Blank)
Audio / Video (Blank) - Private Label
Audio / Video (Pre-Recorded Tapes, CDs, and DVDs)
Audio / Video (Pre-Recorded Tapes, CDs, and DVDs) - Private Label
Automobile Supplies and Accessories
Automobile Supplies and Accessories - Private Label
Bicycle Accessories
Bicycle Accessories - Private Label
Books, Paperbacks
Books, Paperbacks - Private Label
Calendars - Private Label
Camping - Private Label
Cellular - Private Label
Clocks and Watches
Clocks and Watches - Private Label
Closet Organizers and Accessories
Closet Organizers and Accessories - Private Label
Computer Accessories
Computer Accessories - Private Label
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics - Private Label
Consumer Magazines
Consumer Magazines - Private Label
Electric Razors
Electric Razors - Private Label
Fans - Private Label
File Cabinets / Safes
File Cabinets / Safes - Private Label
Fire Logs
Fire Logs - Private Label
Footwear - Private Label
Furniture (Home, Office, and Computer)
Furniture (Home, Office, and Computer) - Private Label
Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap - Private Label
Giftware - Private Label
Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards - Private Label
Hardware - Private Label
Home Decor
Home Decor - Private Label
Home Textiles / Domestics
Home Textiles / Domestics - Private Label
Hosiery - Private Label
Housewares - Private Label
Imports - Private Label
Insulated Chests / Jars / Vacuum Bottles / Lunch Kits
Jewelry - Private Label
Kitchen Goods / Textiles
Kitchen Goods / Textiles - Private Label
Lamps / Lamp Accessories
Lamps / Lamp Accessories - Private Label
Lawn and Garden Supplies
Lawn and Garden Supplies - Private Label
Leather Goods
Leather Goods - Private Label
Light Bulbs
Light Bulbs - Private Label
Loss Prevention Products
Luggage - Private Label
MP3 Players & Accessories
Pepper Spray
Personal Accessories
Pesticides - Private Label
Pet Supplies
Pet Supplies - Private Label
Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Pre-Paid Gift Cards - Private Label
Pre-Paid Phone Cards
Pre-Paid Phone Cards - Private Label
Promotional Sundries
Promotional Sundries - Private Label
Rainwear, Gear, and Accessories
Rainwear, Gear, and Accessories - Private Label
Reading and Sun Glasses
Reading and Sun Glasses - Private Label
Return Labels
Sewing - Private Label
Shoe Care
Shoe Care - Private Label
Shopping Bags
Sporting Goods / Athletics
Sporting Goods / Athletics - Private Label
Stationery / Stationery Supplies and Home, Office, & School Supplies
Stationery / Stationery Supplies and Home, Office, & School Supplies - Private Label
Toys, Games, and Playing Cards
Toys, Games, and Playing Cards - Private Label
Travel Aids
Travel Aids - Private Label
Vacuum Bags
Vacuum Bags - Private Label
Vacuum Bottles, Lunch Kits, Insulated Chests, Jars
Vacuum Bottles, Lunch Kits, Insulated Chests, Jars - Private Label
Watches - Private Label
Water Testing

Health Care / OTC //

Air Cleaners
Air Cleaners - Private Label
Alcohol Testing
Allergy - Private Label
Analgesics - Private Label
Analgesics (External)
Analgesics (External) - Private Label
Analgesics (Internal)
Analgesics (Internal) - Private Label
Aromatherapy - Private Label
Contraception / Family Planning
Contraception / Family Planning - Private Label
Contraception Products
Contraception Products - Private Label
Cough and Cold
Cough and Cold - Private Label
Diet Aids
Diet Aids - Private Label
Digestives / Anti-Gas / Antidiarrheal
Digestives / Anti-Gas / Antidiarrheal - Private Label
Dose Aids
Dose Aids - Private Label
Ear Accessories
Ear Accessories - Private Label
Ear Medications
Ear Medications - Private Label
Energy Products
Eye / Contact Lens Care
Eye / Contact Lens Care - Private Label
Fiber Therapy
First Aid / Wound Care
First Aid / Wound Care - Private Label
First Aid Supplies
First Aid Supplies - Private Label
Foot Care
Foot Care - Private Label
Health Care Appliances
Health Care Appliances - Private Label
Humidifiers - Private Label
Incontinence Products
Incontinence Products - Private Label
Joint Health
Lip Care
Lip Care - Private Label
Liquid Adult Nutritionals
Liquid Adult Nutritionals - Private Label
Medical ID Products
Natural Health and Wellness
Natural Health and Wellness - Private Label
Nutrition Bars
Nutrition Bars - Private Label
Ointments - Private Label
Pediculicides and Accessories
Pediculicides and Accessories - Private Label
Personal Lubricants / Intimacy Products
Personal Lubricants / Intimacy Products - Private Label
Pillows - Private Label
Pillows (Therapeutic)
Pillows (Therapeutic) - Private Label
Sanitary Protection
Sanitary Protection - Private Label
Sexual Health
Sleep Aids
Sleep Aids - Private Label
Smoking Cessation Products
Smoking Cessation Products - Private Label
Sports Nutritionals
Sports Nutritionals - Private Label
Teas (Herb / Herbal)
Thermometers - Private Label
Vaporizers - Private Label
Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements
Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements - Organic / Natural
Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements - Private Label
Women's Health / Feminine Hygiene
Women's Health / Feminine Hygiene - Private Label

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Retail and Healthcare Consultant Group

Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions, Inc., Best in class manufacturer sales representation and retail/healthcare consultant team (Bruce Painter, Bob Dufour & Chuck Fehlig) providing resources to companies from our extensive executive level retail and healthcare experience. Our strength is broad retail and manufacturer strategic global relationships through over 73 years of combined retail experience at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.. Our clients benefit from having access to effective go to market and merchandising strategies and sales representation for consumable product areas, analysis and application of retailer data for item movement, forecasting, category management and modular/plan-o-gram planning.

Our relationships with U.S. retailers, global manufacturers, API suppliers and healthcare governing agencies, combined with consumer insights and retail experience, have resulted in increased sales, product placement, development of new consumer products, successful pharmaceutical product launches and innovative delivery systems. We are in current engagements with prescription and consumer product companies, including consulting, to bring their products to the shelves of major retailers, with effective product marketing, packaging innovation, environmental sustainability offerings and improved service levels.

In addition, Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions, Inc. specializes in a full array of consultative healthcare services that support pharmacy retailers, internet pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and mail order pharmacies, by simplifying the complexity of state and federal healthcare regulations and laws, meeting the state requirements and maintaining compliance on issue such at VIPPS, VAWD, Operations, Record keeping, Controlled Substance Audits, and others.