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Aurobindo Pharma USA delivers a broad line of generic pharmaceuticals, leveraging vertical integration and efficient controlled processes to ensure value to our customers and high quality medicines to health care professionals and patients throughout the United States.

Diversified product portfolio

Aurobindo Pharm USA has an extensive product portfolio comprised of some 155 product families. Products continue to evolve across different categories; from the typical oral, solid products and tablets/capsules and suspensions to topicals and injectables. Aurobindo’s portfolio is now recognized as one of the most extensive in the generic industry with products spanning therapeutic categories, including anti-vials, cardiovascular, pain management, diabetes, and cephalosporins. Aurobindo is a broad line generic provider, with products that reflect the proprietary marketplace.

AuroControl: Vertically integrated supply chain

Aurobindo’s vertically integrated supply chain ensures unmatched quality, value and breadth of line for our customers. Aurobindo is vertically integrated in well over 75% of our product line. By controlling each of the five processes including active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), formulation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, Aurobindo assures continuity and quality from start to finish.

In addition, increased control through vertical integration provides the value of teamwork that's manifest. When teams work well there is a value greater than the sum of its parts and Aurobindo has successfully integrated teams to create efficiency and addresses unforeseen challenges in the marketplace.


Based on an intense focus to increase capacity and streamline processes, Aurobindo is able to scale up to meet the ever increasing demands of the marketplace. For customers, in various market segments both large and small, this controlled yield drives value without sacrificing quality.

Growing Rapidly

Aurobindo Pharma USA has recently opened the doors to a new state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center. Located in central New Jersey, it comprises 567,000 sq. ft., showcasing the latest in warehouse automation technology. The ultra-high-density storage system within, enables controls and tracks full palettes from production to loading and maximizes storage capacity with higher throughput in the smallest footprint available. This facility will also house research and development and packaging suites.

Likewise Aurobindo Pharma USA opened an R&D facility near the North Carolina Research Triangle. The main purpose for this expansion is to further increase our research and development into delivery forms and specialty products.

R&D Capabilities

Aurobindo prides itself on strong scientific principles, unmatched regulatory expertise and a strong set of core values enabling the company to achieve extraordinary results. From discovery to formulation to manufacturing to commercialization, one can feel the collaborative atmosphere. Aurobindo recently opened a North Carolina based 40,000 sq. ft., state of the art R&D facility to target specialty products including pMDIs, Topicals and transdermals.

With a consistent focus on quality, affordability, breadth of portfolio, and customer satisfaction, Aurobindo is well positioned to deliver consistent growth and value to our customer partners. Furthermore, we are able to ensure our continued commitment to enhancing the lives of our diverse patient population.